5 Vaping facts no one told you before!

Smoking a puff is usually a tempting desire among people, but considering its harmful effects on health is a deal-breaker.

There are multiple brands in the market promoting smoking with a statutory warning that it is injurious to health, as it indeed brings major harm to every possible organ of the body.

When it comes to quitting smoking it becomes a challenge for people since it is not just hard but also the addiction is so strong.

This is why people are turning to vaping devices to get rid of smoking addiction in the form of vape pens, and other non disposable and disposable vaping devices.

But the question is how far vaping is safer than cigarettes, so there is this blog that will serve you as your guide to exploring the ifs and buts around it.

Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes

Well, this is one of the most asked questions that has been asked by many out there.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, then you must know that they contain heat nicotine which is extracted from tobacco, along with some flavours and chemicals.

This all builds an aerosol which is inhaled, although a regular cigarette consists of 7K chemicals that are toxic in every possible way.

But at the same time, vaping also has some chemicals but in lesser quantities compared to cigarettes. 

On observing it closely, it can be seen that there are lung injuries and deaths due to vaping, hence it is not fully safe to use vaping as it also includes some health issues though lesser than traditional cigarettes.

Styles of Vapes

Rather than lingos, these are the smoking styles of vaping- MTL and DTL.

If you wonder what these acronyms stand for then you should know MTL is about – mouth to lung and DTL is direct to lung. 

With these terms, any newbie can pick the right vaping styles to inhale the vapour produced by the vape.

It is recommended that beginners must stick to devices that support a mouth-to-lung, or MTL vaping style. 

On the other hand, direct-to-lung vaping kits enable inhaling vapour directly from the device into the lungs, which is the best way for a professional smoker.

Remember- if anyone attempts to inhale mouth-to-lung from a DTL device they can experience severe coughing and spluttering, hence it is better to avoid it.

Vapes are not a one-size-fits-all formula

It is one of the most exciting parts of vaping that there are multiple types of vapes available in the market, which are sufficient to attract anyone.

It is not just about the device that people carry to vape but even the flavours are many that are existing.

There are numerous types of vapes, which include vape pens, pods, and mods.

Some of the popular ones are:

  • Cigalikes- As the name suggests, these are small, discreet vapes that resemble traditional cigarettes in appearance and feel. 
  • Pods- These are small, easy-to-use devices with a battery and refillable or pre-filled pods.
  • Vape pens- These pens are refillable ‘all-in-one’ devices and come with a tank and battery. 
  • Box Kits- These are box-shaped casing houses with battery and technical components. 

E-cigarettes are equally addictive

Yes, this is the sad news!

Not many of us know that both e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes contain nicotine.

And when someone starts inhaling them they can be addictive, thus, it is highly recommended to control the urge of vaping.

As we all know, the mouth can be a good indicator of health problems, and here Nicotine reduces blood flow and nutrition to the gums leading gums to turn black.

Although, vaping has fewer chemicals but unknown at the same time, so it is better to control it.

It has been reported that vaping regularly can cause mouth and gum problems.

 Annual Vapefest

Yes, this is one of the most exciting news around vaping!

Vapers can meet and connect all over the United States in an annual event hosted by various cities, where they can flaunt, talk, share, and connect around their e-cigarette devices, accessories, and lifestyle.

In this event professionals and enthusiasts meet who use specialised, community-made products that are not available in convenience stores or gas stations.

These products can be found online or in specialized vape shopfronts.

Final Thoughts

Vaping can be a good start for those who are looking forward to getting rid of their smoking habits, but being too involved with this can cause another addiction to vaping.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use it in moderation and do not forget to keep a check on the aforementioned facts, before taking a dig into the pool of flavoursome vaping devices.

To know more about e-cigarettes, get in touch with us.

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