Vaping is growing enormously popular in the market today, and no matter how many devices are being used, there is always a scope for new designs and variety to be a part of the vaping experience.

Considering the huge demand for new vaping devices and their styles, the manufacturers are always on their toes to offer unique solutions to the users to meet their burgeoning demands.

In this realm, two devices IGET Bar Plus 6000 v/s IGET bar create a hustle in the market. However for a layman when it comes to picking out the best option out of these two, there comes a stagnant point to select the right choice.

Are you also facing the same issue?

Then, this blog is especially curated for you. Just read it ahead and find out which one is BEST!


IGET Bar Plus – a quick walkthrough

  • No doubt, this device has the most innovative approach to design and has been fashioned to offer a premium vaping experience. 
  • If you are looking for convenience and high performance combined, then your search ends here!
  • With this vaping device, users can enjoy extended vaping that goes up to 6000 puffs. This removes the clutter of replacement and users can continue a long-lasting vaping journey. It comes packed with an eLiquid concentration of 16ml capacity leading to a flavorsome and satisfactory puff each time.
  • IGET Bar Plus comes with a robust rechargeable battery of 650mAh power, enabling users to experience reliable and consistent power sources. It ensures that they can have a seamless experience without being worried about recharging it constantly and running out of battery in the middle of the day.
  • Nicotine optimization is one of the smartest ways that comes packed with this device- It has 20mg/ml of nicotine, which guarantees there is a right and modulated balance of puff with each puff, resulting in a moderate nicotine level, limiting the addiction to a larger extent.
  • It’s often seen that vaping texture entices kids/teens most and they are inclined to use it without knowing its harmful effects, and this is what is addressed with IGET Bar Plus.
  • With this device, there is a child-resistant lock that helps in preventing forceful or unintentional use of the device. There is a button to activate or deactivate the device and needs to be pressed for 5 good seconds to start the device. This is a little tricksome for the kids unless being taught to, in addition, there is an automated shutdown button that gets activated once the device remains inactive for 10 minutes.
  • It is often a troublesome aspect for the users to stay unbeknown to the available battery usage. This device knows how to make it work in the favor of the users, and allows them to check battery status with an LED Display screen that shows the remaining battery in the device. Users can keep track of and recharge their devices before they run out.

IGET BAR vs IGET Bar Plus- who wins the race?

  • People look for vaping experience as they want to get a similar feel to cigarettes but that is less harmful. The IGET Bar 3500 has a very strong hit which hits a relishing throat to the users and allows them to get used to it easily. On the other side of the story, the IGET Plus has a mild hit which is smoother, and suitable for users looking for a lighter experience.
  • No doubt the battery experience of IGET Bar is more cherishing with longer hours and lets users have a longer usage experience. Although IGET Bar Plus also has a strong battery with improved power it guarantees slightly lesser similar usage hours compared to IGET Bar.
  • Well, everyone looks for a variety in terms of flavors and  IGET Bar is a clear winner here as it offers more than 30 flavors and this allures users to pick the most suitable option based on their choice and occasion.
  • Undeniably the design holds significance and allures users to incline towards it. This promise is fulfilled with the IGET Bar, as it comes in a compact form and has a pod-shaped design. The IGET Bar Plus is more like a pen-shape design which is only preferred by people liking conventional design approaches.
  • When you look at the material of the IGET Bar then it is made of Polycarbonate (PC) and Aluminium (ALU), making it a stronger option to use. On the other side, IGET Bar Plus is made of Aluminium (ALU) and PolyCyclohexylene-dimethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PCTG).

In a nutshell!

On looking closely it can be stated very clearly that whether it is IGET Bar Plus or IGET Bar, both of the vaping devices have their benefits, therefore it solely depends on the individual’s preference and taste.

Although, users prefer IGET Bar Plus for longevity, versatility, and consistency, and on the other hand, for simplicity and convenience at large IGET Bar is the go-to choice.

As always, it must be taken into consideration that despite having a huge popularity scale it should not be forgotten that addiction to vaping has its own set of harmful effects. Therefore, it is highly recommended to pay attention while using it for fun or getting rid of cigarettes and use it in moderation.

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