Vaping vs. smoking- long-term side effects you should know!

Smoking might sound cool to some out there but comes with long-term side effects that can leave a dent in health forever!

People dealing with addiction to smoking have a lot at stake and the most prominent is their health. They look for better options to get rid of smoking and try different methods and vaping turns out to be one of the best choices available in the market.

Vaping has lesser-known substances that can be dangerous to health in many ways. On looking closely, it has been observed that smoking is more harmful than vaping, but this does not mean that vaping is safe.

We often juggle between vaping and smoking. However, compared to cigarettes, vaping devices do not contain tobacco or emit tar. This indicates to some out there that vaping is safer, however, one should not forget that e-cigarettes are quite new in the market, thus, its long-term effects are still unknown.

To help you understand the difference between the two, we have brought you this blog read…let’s find out together:

Long-term risks of smoking

When people smoke, they rely only on flame to burn tobacco and produce smoke. On lighting up cigarettes the combustion causes harmful chemicals along with other harsh substances. With smoking, there are multiple harmful impacts, such as:

  • Smoking can damage health and impact every organ in the body. 
  • It is responsible for 90% of cancer deaths in nearly any part of the body-  lungs, kidneys, and stomach 
  • It causes 80% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Smokers have an increased risk of developing health conditions, like heart disease and stroke
  • Asthma attacks and respiratory diseases are caused by smoking

Long-term risks of vaping

Vaping is relatively new in the market and the research related to it is still in the nascent stage. With an overall approach, it appears vaping is less harmful than smoking. The vaping devices require a battery to heat coils, and these coils further vaporize liquids within a cartridge resulting in a vapor that is inhaled. There are a few harmful impacts associated with e-cigarettes such as:

  • E-cigarettes consist of large doses of nicotine
  • It contains a toxic substance responsible for the slow development of brains in fetuses, children, and teens.
  • There are some yet-to-be-known dangerous chemicals created with vapor, which if inhaled cause skin diseases
  • With vaping, people are at the receiving end of toxins such as diacetyl, cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Is vaping a good idea to quit smoking?

It has been medically researched that vaping is an effective tool to quit smoking. In a study conducted in the year 2021, it has been revealed that daily e-cigarette usage can be effective in quitting smoking eightfold.

Furthermore, 28% of smokers using e-cigarettes daily had stopped smoking tobacco completely, while 45.5% had stopped smoking tobacco daily.

Smokers switching to vaping from smoking have significantly reduced exposure to toxins associated with risks of health issues.

Vaping has a large amount of nicotine, which itself does not cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, or stroke. In the medical field, nicotine has been used safely for many years in medicines to help quit smoking.

In other words, vaping contains nicotine and the way it gets delivered to the brain is different from smoking. With smoking, it hits quickly in a short period, however, with vaping, it takes longer for nicotine to reach the brain.


In the end, it can be stated that vaping and smoking share similar negative effects on the body which may result in some long-term impacts while increasing risks related to cancer and damage to the lungs.

Although, smoking has long-term impacts on health compared to vaping. Vaping has fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes and can be an effective tool in quitting smoking altogether.

To conclude, it can be stated that vaping devices help reduce the amount of tar and toxic chemicals getting inhaled. It is not completely harmless and is highly recommended to support quitting smoking.

But there is a catch!

Vaping products should be tightly regulated for safety and quality as such products are notified to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) with detailed information including a listing of all ingredients.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy vaping devices from a reputable supplier just like VapingOz.

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