Vaping Myths Busted

Vaping is the new alternative that has been found among the new generation to beat the blues of tobacco addiction. 

Many out there are juggling with the unwanted consequences of smoking that have brought some life-threatening changes to them.

In such a tumultuous scenario, quitting smoking is the only solution, however, if you think it is as easy as said, then you need to revisit your thought process, as multiple constraints come as a limitation to quitting smoking.

Now, many smokers prefer switching to vaping electronic cigarettes to get rid of their smoking addiction…and the reason is- vaping devices produce nicotine-rich vapours with fewer chemicals than the smoke from tobacco.

But despite having good intent, a few myths surround vaping, and with this blog piece we intend to debunk them…let’s find out together…

Vaping is equally harmful as smoking

Not many of us know that a report generated by Public Health England suggests smoking e-cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes is 95% less harmful than smoking.

As we all know, tobacco cigarettes have spurred the risk for multiple health problems- heart disease, reduced blood vessel function, asthma attacks, strokes, and cancer.

The reason is that normal smoking cigarettes consist of 7K toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, acetaldehyde, cyanide, and other chemicals- combined they cause severe health issues that are detrimental to humans.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes do not involve smoke and have fewer (unknown) chemicals that help to cut down the poisonous intake of chemicals, leading to a better lifestyle.

Vape has a strong odour

Smoking always comes with a strong smell that can be felt by non-smokers easily. Even the strong odour caused by tobacco cigarettes leaves a strong smell on everything it touches.

At the same time, tobacco cigarettes get easily absorbed by the lungs and skin, affecting pituitary glands and resulting in excessive sweating.

On the other side, vaping comes with no odour and allows the vaper to relish the different flavours while making a puff.

Vaping is expensive

Well, this is more a concern than a myth!

Often when smokers want to quit their bad habit and opt out for vaping as a substitute, they are being told that vaping comes at a bigger price which can put a weight on their pockets.

However, the fact is entirely different, when a smoker smokes a cigarette on average- the number rises to 14-17 cigarettes daily.

However, with vaping it is entirely different, the same number would go around 10 ML of vape juice that would last for almost 5 days.

The only expense that is included in vaping is to buy the vaping coil and device initially but later on, it is cheaper compared to smoking.

Hard to handle the device

A lot of us think that vaping devices are too big and prominent to be handled and it becomes a challenge to carry them everywhere.

Well, you would be surprised to know that these devices are as compact as your Bluetooth stick or pen drive of palm size and can be carried easily in a pocket or hand without being bothered.

It does not require separate machinery that is heavier to handle. In most of the cases, these devices are so lightweight and can be carried discreetly in hand.

Also, the charging does not require a separate machine, these devices can be charged from a laptop or any switchboard.

E-cigarettes are so plain in taste

Nope, this is nothing but a true blue myth. 

Vaping is not just a plain or bitter flavour but there is a huge glut of flavours to choose from. 

Different types of e-liquid flavours come in candy, desserts, fruit, food, chocolate, menthol and whatnot.

And it does not stop here, some vape-front stores even give the options to make your flavour and find the most suitable one that suits your taste buds.

Unlike smoking, vaping leaves your mouth and breath with a smell that lasts for a long and does not make people sitting beside you uncomfortable due to the strong tobacco smell.

Final Words

Indeed, smoking has many disadvantages compared to e-cigarettes which are not limited to health only.

Considering the number of myths, vaping is a good alternative to tobacco cigarettes, since they do not produce nicotine with dangerous chemicals. 

Due to its multiple benefits, people have already moved to e-cigarettes to control their smoking urge and make it less impactful on their health.

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