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Buy WAKA Disposable Vapes Online in Australia

At VapingOz taste and quality are the two most incredible aspects that define our standards. To satisfy any taste, we've carefully chosen a wide range of waka disposable vape flavours. Our selection of e-liquid flavours is made to arouse your senses and entice you to try more, from the sweetness of exotic fruits to the decadence of blends inspired by desserts.

VapingOz is committed to providing you with the most amazing vaping experience possible by offering a wide variety of mouthwatering flavours, state-of-the-art technologies, and elegant designs.

The elegant mouthpiece and flawless colour of the WAKA SMASH disposable device make it an extremely trendy gadget.

The tastes are preserved to an exceptional degree because its whole body is composed of premium plastic.

The WAKA's exquisite taste and luxurious feel are what make it stand out from the competition.

It has a lightweight and compact structure while incorporating an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making it easy to carry, pocket-friendly, and portable. With a waka smash of 6000 puffs per device, this rechargeable vape delivers a powerful punch.

Get ready to be mesmerised by the Waka vape's originality with its assortment of 12 distinct flavours, each of which offers tastes from around the globe.

With only 30 minutes needed to recharge 80% of its battery life, the Waka Smash disposable vape reduces the amount of time needed to charge and offers a lengthy battery life when completely charged.

As their names suggest, every flavour is bursting with flavour and tantalising vapours.

With its perfectly balanced nicotine dosage and pre-filled design, the Waka Smash 6000 provides you with a full 5% nicotine.

Are you ready to satisfy your enjoyment without causing dizziness or painful lumps in your throat- this means you won't get migraines or vertigo if you sit and smoke for hours on end.

Get the Waka vape right now from VapingOz. Don't hesitate to give it a try.